“Art was outstanding in every way and we developed a productive chemistry. I particularly appreciate his observations over time and his style of asking questions. My experience with Art was invaluable. I continue to experience growth in all the areas we pursued and I am grateful for all I learned.”

Brad, Healthcare Executive, MN.


“Art honed in on my strengths and helped me with my weaknesses.  He explained what I was doing in a way that helped me become aware and gave me the tools to improve.  He was encouraging and helped me gain confidence.  I am grateful to have had him as a coach.”

Michelle, CA.


“Art is a great listener with an ability to tease out the key aspects of my challenge and work with me to address them. I know I will continue to grow based on the work I’ve done with him.”

Mollie, CA.


“My sessions with Art were a perfect blend of learning and building a tangible, practical toolkit and deep, meaningful self-exploration. I was able to apply and practice what I was learning immediately in my day to day work and interactions. The value that you get out of these sessions is directly related to how open, honest, and vulnerable you are willing to be. Luckily this was easy for me to achieve with Art due to his genuine curiosity and the safe environment he helped establish from day one.”

Keiko, CA


“Art is skilled, honest, calm, and forthright in his assessments. He takes his coaching role seriously and invests the time needed to serve his students and clients with excellence. If you have the opportunity to work with Art, I encourage you to seize the moment and take advantage of his talents.”

Kevin, CA


“Art posessess a very “down to earth” and no nonsense approach to Healthcare Leadership Coaching. I believe Art has changed my perspective and actions when it comes to leading others for the better.”

John - CA

Hospital Leadership

“As a CFO it is easy to focus on numbers, Art brought out my intuitive side. I would recommend Art to any organization / individual needing an open minded, objective, and effective executive coach.”

Tracy - CA

Hospital C-Suite

“Art truly listens and cares, and is in my corner. He has sharpened me as a leader. Art would be a true asset for any individual requiring coaching on emotional intelligence and healthy culture.”

David - CA

Church Leader

“I hired Art as my professional coach in 2018. The investment was well worth it! Art enhanced my leadership skills. I recommend Art’s services to anyone looking to improve.”

Andrew - CA


“Art has a perfect balance of professional and people skills. His ability to get to what is important and personalize our work gave me the confidence that our work would yield valuable results.” 

Paul - CA

Healthcare System

“Art is an amazing coach. His professionalism and dedication are evident
from the first time you meet him. His guidance in navigating modern work
place issues and fostering personal growth are 2nd to none.”

Jeremy - MI


“Just do it. One of the greatest personal development times in my life.”

Omar - CA

Hospital Leadership

“Art is a great coach for anyone looking to develop their leadership skills!”

Kelly - MI


“I would recommend Art as a coach for any of my leadership team. I also recommend all VPs of Nursing to meet with Art for coaching.” 

Heather - CA

Nursing Leader

“My recommendation is to be open to change, to authentic internal evaluation, and have a willingness to go through the process. It works and the outcome is so much more than can be imagined possible.”

Michelle - CA


“Thanks for speaking to me in a way I could hear.”

Steve S. CA


“Thanks for speaking to me in a way I could hear.”

Steve S. CA