Engagements include an orientation meeting, 50-minute sessions as requested, and a wrap-up session. Sessions can be via telephone, video conference, or in-person.

Services / Areas of Focus:

  • Individual & package coaching sessions
  • Leadership foundation - values; expectations; mission; style
  • Executive presence - relational effectiveness (EQ); showing up powerfully & consistently; appearance, personal energy; voice; body language
  • EQ in Action Assessment — a simulation that accurately measures triggers and automatic responses to stress in relationship
    • As part on an ongoing coaching, or
    • As a stand alone package of the assessment, two-hour debrief of results, and two follow-up coaching sessions
    • For teams
  • Creating, nourishing, and sustaining organizational culture
  • Workshops and team presentations on Culture and Leadership
  • Strategic planning using Question Thinking
  • Change your questions change your results
  • Life planning for retirement
  • In-house coach for companies

Coaching is co-created by the coach and the client.

Coaching is co-created by the coach and the client.

Sample Executive Coaching Plan

This initial plan describes an executive coaching program. In partnership, we will customize this plan to best meet the client's needs. 

The overall purpose of the coaching program is to help the client realize her or his potential and enhance his or her intentional, authentic leadership and contribution to the success of her or his organization.


Phase One

  • Initial one hour get acquainted and planning session you by video conference
  • Sign client coaching agreement
  • Schedule future meetings

Phase Two

  • Meet by phone/video, in one hour sessions, twice per month
  • Determine coaching goals
  • Complete the EQ in Action Profile (relational effectiveness / emotional intelligence assessment)
  • Debrief the EQ in Action Profile results in a special two hour session. 

Phase Three

  • Meet by phone/video, in one hour sessions, twice per month
  • Review progress toward goals
  • Encourage you to solicit continuous feedback on progress from key professional stakeholders who are aware of the executive's coaching commitment and involved in supporting the executive's success.
  • Complete work, as agreed, on the following elements of Intentional Leadership.
    • Leadership Definition
    • Leadership Values
    • Leadership Expectations
    • Leadership Mission / Purpose statement
    • Leadership Style
    • Executive Presence
    • Culture (scope/focus to be jointly defined)
  • At each session, review progress toward goal achievement and focus on learning and practice that will support success

Phase Four

  • Meet by phone/video, in one hour sessions, up to two times.
  • Review progress on your plan to continue and sustain learning and growth
  • Celebrate your progress and successes

Intentional Leadership

Intentional Leadership