Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Examples of Art’s Coaching Engagements

“I help leaders increase their EQ fitness and build high performing teams by creating a culture of psychological safety, familial trust, and purpose.” – Art Sponseller


A new CEO of the European subsidiary of a US headquartered global  manufacturing firm, facing strategic and operational challenges within his organization and with his home office colleagues.  Developing new situational leadership behaviors to enable his quest to become a top tier firm in the European market.

CEO over four hospitals facing a challenging relationship with his corporate boss to develop more effective relationship strategies.

A newly named divisional CEO with exceptional talent, energy, and knowledge, to lead effectively while operational challenges to growth and compliance from parent company leaders.  He learned to moderate his hyper-focused and hard-charging style so that others — bosses, peers, and subordinates — could better hear and support him.

CEO of a small rural hospital facing board and operational challenges to overcome his excessive need for certainty before taking action.

Chief Nurse Executive

A newly promoted Chief Nurse Executive to increase her effectiveness in the C-Suite and to better balance the needs of nursing staff with the operational needs of the hospital.

Chief Nursing Officer

A newly promoted Chief Nursing Officer at a large hospital to become an effective leader of her former peers.


A COO at a large and growing hospital whose management team faced increasing responsibilities and decreasing resources and who was perceived as arrogant and closed learned to lead through inquiry and vulnerability. His key leaders become less dependent upon him and able to achieve more.

Divisional President

A new Divisional President hired to turn around the financial and operational performance of a moribund organization, to develop relationship strategies needed to address resistance and to lead the turnaround more successfully.


An entrepreneur overwhelmed by success to transform his business with standardization, automated systems, and clear expectations of others.

General Manager

General Manager with a long and successful track record, to modulate an overly operational focus and a desire to be right in the face of criticism. Helped him to develop more openness and more strategic engagement with colleagues, leading to a promotion and a voice within the parent organization.

Hospital CEO

A hospital CEO with a dysfunctional leadership team, to set clearer expectations and develop the courage to hold team members more accountable, leading to significant improvements in team performance.

Hospital CFO

A depleted and exhausted hospital CFO to rediscover joy and energy for the competitive challenges facing her organization.

Healthcare COO

A healthcare COO in a highly political organization in transition to a corporate operating model from a holding company model to lead with integrity.

Hospital Department Director

A hospital department director to develop a more open and curious communication style and win over physicians and other stakeholders.

A hospital department director with a large span of control to become an effective leader and developer of people.

Newly promoted from managing a single department to leading a group of departments, this executive replaced a telling leadership style with one that brought others along and supported the growth of subordinate managers. Her subordinate leaders now take full responsibility for the success of their departments.

Senior Leader

A senior leader at a tech consulting firm to overcome her lack of boundaries and telling management style and to focus and grow her team to become one of the largest and highest producing.

Senior Pastor

First time Senior Pastor at a 1,000-member church to believe in himself as a leader, articulate his mission, values and vision for the church, and to overcome perfectionism by learning to embrace experimentation

Senior Executive

A senior executive in a small health system, a self-described recovering perfectionist, with an overwhelming to-do list who found safety in goal achievement, recognized and mitigated the costs to self, family, colleagues, and direct reports of perfectionism.

Program Manager

A program manager in a mid-sized hospital system realized that by developing executive presence, speaking concisely with a smile, and demonstrating courage and authenticity, he could increase his influence and value and influence senior leaders.

Department Director

A department director of a mid-sized hospital system restored her leadership voice. She experienced a renewed ability to ask others for what she wants and needs. “I need you to” became a mantra. Prior to coaching, her sense of responsibility for the comfort and happiness of others kept her from truly leading.

Department Director

Department director in a high-tech consulting firm developed effective communication skills and strategies to manage a complex reporting and supervising environment.

Department Director

Department director in a high-tech consulting firm overcame the tyranny of the immediate. He added medium and long-term projects to his work week. This increased his use of appropriate delegation and asking for help.

Mid-Level Manager

A mid-level manager in a mid-sized hospital system overcame her fear of public speaking.